Some Glimpses of the Seminar on 5th January

Media and Mass Crimes : Censorship, truth-telling and the pursuit of justice

Reminiscences and insights from journalists who covered the riots and their aftermath.

Organized by the ‘Bombay ki kahani, Mumbai ki Zubani’ campaign at the Nirmala Niketan on 5th January, 2013.

Journalists who covered the violence and the riots of 1992-93 spoke of their experiences, some of which were so deeply etched in their memories even today. They gave graphic and moving accounts of the reports they carried or were unable to do so because of prevailing censorship in their news-rooms, the role of some of them in documenting the violence and the crucial evidence it became in the hearings of the Srikrishna Commission and the manner in which some journalists went beyond their professional briefs to help the process of securing justice. This was attended by an audience of around 200 students and others.

An exhibition of photographs from news-photographers was also displayed at the venue 

Session I : Eyewitness : Journalists’ recall…’ 

Speakers: Yuvraj Mohite, Prabhat Sharan, Mukesh Parpiani

Naresh Fernandes, Meena Menon,  Sudharak Olwe, Teesta Setalvad

Session II : Truth-telling and the pursuit of justice

Speakers : Jyoti Punwani, Meena Menon, Yuvraj Mohite, Javed Anand, Meena Menon, Teesta Setalvad

DSC_0106 DSC_0060 DSC_0064 DSC_0104   DSC_0151DSC_0147 DSC_0188 DSC_0195DSC_0243


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