Reaching Out: A Programme Sensitizing Students to Gender Violence

SNDT Women’s University and

Bombay ki Kahani Mumbai ki Zubani


Reaching Out

 A Programme Sensitizing Students to Gender Violence


Date: 08-01-2013

Time: 9.30 am to 5.00 pm

Venue: Committee Room, Juhu Campus,

SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai

Session I

10.00 – 10.05: Welcome and Introduction

            Dr. Veena Poonacha, Director, Research Centre for Women’s Studies

10.05 – 12.00: Screening of the Film

            Lightning Testimonies 

            A  film  by Amar Kanwar

12.00 – 01.20: Discussion on the Film

Panelists: Sonal Shukla, Vacha (Chairperson)

Flavia Agnes, Majlis

Vahida Nainar, Women’s Research and Action Group

     Chayanika Shah, Forum Against Oppression of Women

01.20 – 01.30: Summing up     Sonal Shukla

01.30 – 02.00: Lunch Break


Session II

02.00 – 04.00: I: Exploring Ideas -Sharing Experiences

            Group Discussion and Poster Making


Introduction:  Dr Mitra Mukherjee Parikh, Department of English.                 



 Chayanika Shah,  Geeta Seshu, Hasina Khan, Sabala

04.00 – 05.00 : Reporting Back

05.00               Vote of Thanks

                     Dr. Vibhuti Patel, Head, University Department of Economics


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