NSPA Performances at Railway Stations

NSPA artists, Dhammrakshit Randive and Neeraj Arya will be performing

at Borivli and Bandra stations

on the following days as part of the campaign.

Date                             Time                      Station               Performer

Wed, Dec 26             9-10 am                    Borivali               Neeraj Arya

Wed, Dec 26             5:30-6:30 pm         Borivali               Neeraj Arya

Sat, Dec 29                9-10 am                    Bandra                 Dhammrakshit Randive

Wed, Jan 2              10-11 am                    Borivali                Neeraj Arya

Wed, Jan 2              6:30-7:30 pm          Borivali                Dhammrakshit Randive

Sat, Jan 5                6:30-7:30 pm           Bandra                 Neeraj Arya

Sat, Jan 12               5-6 pm                        Bandra                 Dhammrakshit Randive

Bandra Station- Mini-Heritage Hall parallel to Platform No. 1 on the West Side. Beside the Rickshaw Stand on the west side.

Borivali Station- In front of unused Subway at the Main Entrance of Borivali Station on Platform No. 1, diagonal to the Ticket Counters on the West Side


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