The Quilt Project

Bombay ki Kahani Mumbai ki Zubani on a Quilt

As part of this campaign we decided to work towards a massive quilt (50 pieces of 3ft X 3 ft) depicting people’s perceptions of and aspirations for this city.

This quilt making process was facilitated by Subha De, an artist from Baroda who had put together something similar following the pogrom in Gujarat.

These two themes were arrived at and worked upon in the art workshops:

Mera shaher meri nazar se – aaj ye shaher mujhe kaisa lagta hai/ nazar aata hai (high rises, developmental projects, violence, fear, hope)

Mera shaher meri nazar se – mujhe ye shahar kaisa chahiye (humane, cosmopolitan, equal, clean…)

Over the course of a month, various groups of children and adults from different groups from the city met in Kurla, Mumbra, Garib Nagar, Patel Nagar, Bandra and other places to make panels for the quilt and then to stitch them.  Students from TISS and Ambedkar college also worked on some individual panels.

Finally around 150 people worked on the patches which were then stitched together to form more than fifteen quilts of varying sizes and designs.

Each individual patch in the quilt is a story in itself and together they form a complex tale of the city. These will be displayed at the various programs over the next month, but here are some photos of the making of the quilts.

DSC04373 DSC08685 DSC08690 DSC08698 DSC08706 DSC08711 DSC08716 qm 1 qm 7 qm 8


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