Creative Expressions on Peace and Justice

Women’s Research and Action Group (WRAG)
And VACHA Charitable Trust

are co-organising an art workshop on the 15th of December

Creative Expressions on Peace and Justice

The art workshop will bring together 15-20 adolescent girls and an artist to spend a day under one roof to talk about peace and justice and come up with visual art that expresses their inner feelings about their experiences of conflict and their vision for peace and justice in their city.

The workshop will start with giving the girls a background of: what had happened 20 years ago and its aftermath; its impact on the city; and why it is important to have peace and harmony. The work that will be produced out of this workshop will be circulated as part of the exhibition organised around the event that will reach out to a number of colleges and communities of Mumbai.

The program will be held at Vacha Trust, Ground Floor, Municipal School Building, Tank Lane, Santa Cruz West, Mumbai. It is not open to the public but the art generated in the workshop will be displayed.


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